Access to all religious services and related activities offered by TNG-IPOH® is exclusively restricted to the society members having paid their annual fee.

Conforming to Rule 3 of our current M&A, one single membership type is available currently, that of ORDINARY MEMBER. Its annual fee of 200,-MYR is due on January 1st.

As our services are progressively developing, several membership types offering specific advantages will be offered in the future.

Presently, TNG-IPOH® benefits include but are not limited to the following services:

  • Free Attendance to all weekly, monthly and yearly religious ceremonies held at the centre;
  • Registration to Seminars;
  • Taking Part in Group Retreats;
  • Free attendance to programs given by Lamas and Rinpoches;
  • Participation to e-Teachings and Group discussions;
  • Participation to any events organised under the auspices of our Dharma Centre.

Please note that our services are available to all people regardless to their creed or religious affinities.

However, in respect of the Malaysian Laws, services are not available to Muslims.

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