IPOH-Centre Project

Project of building TNG-Ipoh®, affiliated to TNG Centre®

Current Situation:

  •  What is the purpose of TNG-Centre®?
    -> Spread the Vajrayana Buddha Dharma
  • How did it come into existence?
    -> Requested by Sylvia Westra in 1997.
  • Does it have the lineage blessings?
    -> Yes, the project was presented to H. E. Tai Situpa in 1981.
  • Why a Centre in Ipoh?
    -> Answering the request of SeeFoon CHAN in 1997.
  • What is the task of Lama in TNG-Ipoh®?
    -> Guiding disciples in hearing, studying and practicing the Buddha Dharma;
    -> Introducing disciples to Main lineage holders;
    -> Providing disciples with opportunities to receive the main esoteric transmissions
    -> Establishing the proper material setup to transmit the Vajrayana teachings and practices
    -> Conducting rituals to convey the blessings of the lineage
  • What is the role of TNG-Ipoh® members?
    -> Supporting the Lama activity by listening, studying and practicing the Dharma
    -> Supporting the development of the Lama’s activity by raising the needed funds
    -> Caring for the Lama’s health and well-being
  • Are these roles being understood?
  • Are they being pursued?
  • There seems to be a need for better communication. The New TNG-IPOH® Website is established for this purpose.
  • Lamp offering setup for future: Cho-me Lhakang.

New TNG-IPOH Centre:

  • Historic
  • Purpose
  • Opportunity
  • Project description
  • Project presentation
  • Promotion and fundraising

Building plans:

Ground floor:
* Dormitory rooms with relevant bathroom facilities to host NyunNay retreats;
* Open hall for activities fulfilling the disciples needs: ball room dance, qigong, food for the poor, seniors, meditation for children, Yoga classes, group discussions on environment issues, awareness raising panels, fundraising events etc.;
* Dining Hall and Kitchen;
* Office and Lockroom

First floor:
* Temple
* Torma Room
* Offering Room
* Light Offering Room

Second floor:
* Lama’s Residence comprised of living room, bedroom and bathroom as well as attendant bedroom + bathroom
* Four bedrooms + 2 separate bathrooms for accompanying ordained sangha and sponsors
* Covered patio















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